... And then there was YOU!

Have you ever dated someone who acted shocked that you actually had a life before them? Not just a romantic life... but life in general.

Someone that is mildly surprised that you have been certain places, done certain things... managed to survive living your life and getting to whatever age you are without their guidance and assistance? I call this the "...and then there was YOU" mentality.

I dated a guy who once proclaimed that he was the one who "got me on planes."  (Insert blank motherfucking stare). If you could've seen the glare I gave him once this fool said that... it was classic. I laughed and told him that I was flying LONG before I met him. Shit, I had passport stamps as a child. Fuck off. 

But I think in general people (primarily men) enter relationships with a preconceived notion that you were wandering around the dark abyss of life, with no clues, no guide, no inkling of sense until you met them. I mean, how did you eat, sleep, work, travel, or do anything before you met them?

Women, on the other hand, tend to accept that a man had a life before them, but they're the magical one that will come along and solve all of his worries. You're basically a Jedi and going to bless him with your enlightened, transformative powers.

Neither of these logics are right, mind you... but I know they commonly occur and have experienced both.

So, where do you fall in the spectrum?

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