Breaking up in 140 Characters

I feel like there are a million posts on dating in the digital age, but let's talk about the break-up... because the only thing realer than making your relationship "Facebook Official," is when shit hits the fan and it all falls apart... online... in front of a bunch of people that give minimal-to-no fucks about you, pull  up their chair, grab some popcorn and watch your romantic walls come shattering down.

Breaking up can suck. Depending on the intensity of the relationship it can be heartbreaking, enraging, just a clusterfuck of every emotion under the sun... but then throwing social media into the mix is a shit storm.

You have friends that will enable bad behaviors like online stalking your ex, those jilted lovers that instigate an exchange of words either directly or via subliminal messages, or those that seem to move on in lightening speed opting to post pics of their new boo and how awesome their life is without you occupying that co-pilot seat.

I've probably gone through 2 break-ups that affected my entire force. Lucky for me they didn't play out in social media, so I dodged some bullets. However, I have been guilty of being bored and checking the social media account of an ex. Whatever. It happens lol. There's nothing like seeing a picture of someone else living their life and giving ZERO fucks about your struggle heartbreak to kick you out of your funk. Better yet, have you ever come across pics of your old boo with their new boo? Don't let the new boo be halfway decent lol.... that's when you thank God for friends that let you have your moment and don't point out that she's actually kinda cute lol....

Anyways, I'm emo in real life, but I try to keep my theatrics to a minimum when I'm going through the relationship ringer. I will vent to my girlfriends before I turn twitter into an online journal. The only thing people hate more than someone shitting sunshine, is the person that oozes constant emo. Like, save that shit for another day.

Everyone crafts the perfect online lie via Instagram, but when things aren't so peachy keen, it can get pretty awkward in your timeline. I mean, do you delete all of the pics of you two? Do you erase every mention of them? Do you delete their friends? I most certainly have friends who are still friends with my exes via social media, but what are you supposed to do? A person becomes a part of your life, you introduce them to your friends, and then they establish positive relationships... so, if a breakup happens (and of course, depending on the way shit goes down) do they have to stop being friends with them? I've never been the type to try and commandeer my friend's friends... but I will admit that I've had petty moments where I thought "Why do they have to still follow XYZ on XYZ site." Yes, it's petty. It happens. I will admit when I'm being petty... I also know that this is just me living in my feelings and NOT something I'd actually take to a friend. It's not that serious lol. I'm friend's with some of my friend's exes on social media. Like I said, it happens.

Where am I going with this? I kinda forgot lol... but shit, I'm just happy that I'm not a celebrity or a youth because social media will ruin your existence during a breakup. Can you imagine being in High School with the level of social media exposure there is today? Hell no... you can have that shit.

Sidebar: I was rooting for them!!! Such a gorgeous pair.


AfreshMusic said...

My family rule is after the break up we ride with family. All we have to give is the word that "we don't like them no more" and all the family will break ties. Petty? Hell yes but we've all been there and it works just fine.LOL My friends operate just like my family.

CookieLady said...

I'm not big on being super personal on social media. If I'm hea over heels drunk in love, I can send all those sappy messages right to my love interests mobile device. We make and share all of those sappy photo collages of our life moments back and forth to one another, and hang out with friends doing all of those sweet sappy things we do, but I'm pretty private with the rest of the world, so the whole social media thing is kind of a no-go. Employers and everyone else in the world that is trying to find out anything about you use social media as a tool and nothing on the web in ever really secure so I'm like you - I'm so glad I'm not a celebrity.

CookieLady said...


Ha Ha! Although petty, I can't even be mad at your "rule", I come from the center of doing what works for us!

Diana said...

Social Media exposed my ex to his infidelity & ruined his friendships with my friends & family. All bc there are some thirsty ass jumpoffs who do anything for attn. #Got caught via Twitter##drama for life#

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