"Feelings are not facts..." (via @myleik)

http://everydayfeminism.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/WP2.jpgIt's no secret that I'm very fond of curlBOX CEO and "life force motivator" Myleik Teele. In her recent podcast, "The Action Plan for your Vision Board," she laid out 5 steps to aid you in getting your plan together for your overall vision. The first point she touched on was establishing your mantra for the year.

This is something I've often done in retrospect, which does not help provide any type of direction during the year lol. However, this year when I blogged about my goals, my overall focus was discipline. Thus, I deemed 2014 "the year of discipline."

In Myleik's podcast she shared that a post-it she kept around for a few years included the quote: "Feelings are not facts, and they will pass if you allow them to." Instantly this struck a chord with me.

I'm emotional. Insanely emotional and at times consumed with whatever I'm feeling. By no means am I an emotional wreck, but I am someone who feels their way through life, often allowing my emotions to lead my decision-making.

I do a better job keeping a thick skin in my professional life, but am a big ball of emo in my personal life... including relationships. This can make for an annoying dynamic to say the least. So, in an effort to tame the emo monster that lives not so deep down inside of me, I'm going to keep Myleik's quote on a post-it and in the forefront of my mind.

Feelings are NOT facts. That doesn't discount that whatever you're feeling at the time is sure to impact your perception of reality, but it's good to remember that feelings are just that... feelings! Just because I feel something does not mean that is actually the way it is. I'm learning to take a second to calm down, breathe, and ask myself whether or not I'm being overly emo, or my feelings are accurate.

Do you find yourself being overly emotional in relationships, both romantic and platonic? If so, how do you deal with your emotions?

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