Is Sex The Only Reason You Stay?

The concept of staying with someone because the "sex is so good" is something I've never understood. Yes, there can be amazing sex had... but staying with a person in any type of relationship solely based on the fact they give you a more amazing orgasm than the other orgasm you had without them... well, that's the dumbest shit ever. (And I have a completely different rant about how we're defining "best sex ever" but I'll save that lol).

I can't recall ever keeping someone around soley for the sex, and truth be told I'm so emo that sex alone would NEVER be enough to keep me in any situation. I don't believe all women need an emotional connection, but most prefer it and I'm one of them.

I want to be with a person whose life force essence I can completely drown in! I want you to send out an S.O.S. because your girl is so lost in the sauce you want to make sure she can breathe. I love the passion and energy you can get from that someone special, and just because you're a good lay that doesn't equate to keeping you around, or having you around in any capacity.

Okay... so what about fuck buddies - - because keeping it 100, most people have had that person. Do they need to offer more than just sex if their primary job requirement is really only sex? It's debatable and because I like to play devil's advocate I could probably argue this either way... however, I will say that having more skills on your resume will usually get you the job over the next person... and if you're matched up equally personality can go a long way.

It might be due to me getting older and realizing that time is precious, naps are a good thing, and I'm not allergic to alone time. Plus, who wants to fuck a dud when you can fuck someone that has conversational skills, personality galore, and is enjoyable to be around. I mean, have you ever slept with someone and it's crickets afterwards? Like... let's figure out the quickest exit? Or even worse... have you be the one that outstayed their welcome and got the boot? The shit is NO hot...

Anyways, if I can offer advice to anyone out there, it's okay if you're only looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right Now... but please do yourself a favor and find someone that has more to offer than JUST sex. That is a waste of your time, waste of a spot on your sexual history list, and in hindsight you'll be annoyed you fucked  someone that was good in bed but sucked in every other area.

Happy Friday!

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