Marriage the 'ticket' out of poverty? (via @blackvoices)

Last night I saw a tweet from HuffPost Black Voices promoting an article titled "Marriage May Not Pull Single Moms Out of Poverty, New Report Suggests." I was instantly charged up and wanted to start firing away at the keyboard, but I decided to actually click the link, read the story, and inform myself before I tweeted back some misguided rant.

In short, because I know folks don't like to read and have short attention spans lol, the article discussed legislation passed back in 1966 that allowed states to allocate welfare funds to programs encouraging single mothers to marry. The motivation behind this was purely financial - - the idea that a two-income household would result in fewer problem for the child down the line (a.k.a. They can remove the family from welfare saving money overall).

This rubbed me the wrong way because in a culture where the divorce rate is already 50%, yet again we have record of the government stepping in and encouraging people to get married for the wrong reasons. I firmly believe that marriage should be based out of love... an insane love and passion for one another, not this lukewarm, financial come up type of mentality.

Yes, people get married for a multitude of reasons and yes, love is not always a factor... however, I think the focus should have been placed on educating these single moms BEFORE they were mothers, offering birth control, sexual health education and access to doctors... the same for young men too. Creating a child takes two people, and both should be involved, accountable and present.

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