"Rewind Delete" Moments

I was scrolling through Facebook the other day and came across an old acquaintance whom I know a girlfriend of mine slept with. Now, she would NEVER in a million years admit to sleeping with this guy, and I'm sure I could ask her about it right now and she'd flat out deny it lol... but whenever I see him I think about that and it makes me smile.

I mean, why would someone bother sleeping with someone they'd be embarrassed to admit to sleeping with? Well, for many reasons... but I think it was probably because he was so obnoxiously annoying in real life that you almost didn't want to be around him. The type of guy that was okay in small doses, but usually made you cringe and look for the nearest exit.

Anyways, I don't know if she was drunk and lost all of her fucks in a strong gust of wind, simply horny and curious, or... well, who knows. Grown people do grown things lol. However, this made me think of a funny saying a friend once had: "Rewind Delete" moments.

You know, those moments in life you'd rather forget, so you just act like they never happened. Yes, those. She told me that if she didn't want to count sex with someone for whatever reason , she'd just say "rewind delete" and voila... just like that it's as if the whole ordeal never happened! lol...

Of course life would be grand if we could simply erase any inkling of someone's existence in our past, but I think the bigger take away is that when you know better you do better. If you have moments from your past you'd like to "rewind delete," you shouldn't continue to have those same moments in your future. That means you're repeating your fucked up situations... and no, that's not a good look.

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