Variety is the Spice of Life

I was having a conversation with a guy who going on about how much "men love variety..." to which I had to let him know, women do too! I think there may be a misconception that since women tend to be more loyal (in theory) than men, it means that there is a lack of actual desire for variety. Not the case.

My ratchet inclination is to say the only thing better than current d*ck is new d*ck lol... but that's a bit of a mess and not entirely true. So, I'll say that as a woman I can appreciate all sorts of eye candy. However, I feel like I'm capable of appreciating eye candy and not proceeding to chase said candy down the street, exchange information, set up a time to meet, and then proceed to make it do what it do. That's a whole lot of effort.. and who has that type of energy or time?

So, when you're in a relationship, how does one satiate their appetite for variety while staying faithful?

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