When Playing in your Man's Phone goes Wrong (via @emptychampagne)

Remember when I wrote that blog post about being the chick that snooped through your man's phone? It was a few days ago and seemed like simple enough advice. Well, leave it to Twitter to bless us with evidence that this is always the wrong route to go, as some chick named Beverly thought she'd get to the bottom of "Quanisha's" side of the story re: the communication she was having with her  man. Problem is she was texting twitter sensation Empty Champagne, not Quanisha lol.

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We can solve all of this potential bullshit by following this one rule: Don't go through your man's phone. If that's not simple enough, don't CALL or TEXT... or e-stalk anyone you may come across in said phone. Yes, I know that can be hard... also, know that people will do all sorts of crazy things to make sure you can't figure out the dirt they're doing. I know people that save someone under a different name, can save that person under a different phone number that will show instead of a name, saving a guy/girl under a name of the opposite sex.

If there is no trust, have a conversation about it. If there is still an issue, make a decision for yourself based on what you feel in your heart/mind to be in your best interest. Pray about it. Whatever you need to do to get the fragments of your fucking life together... do that before you look like an asshole texting the wrong person who then proceeds to share your shit with the internet... in turn resulting in blogs picking up the funny story and further broadcasting the hilarity of the situation lol. It's never that serious.

Also, be honest about the type of relationship you're in. Is there really a need to trip when you're KNOWINGLY playing the #2 spot... I mean, if you're one of any number, chill out and play the role you signed up for.

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CookieLady said...

I'm soooo that person now - yes I did it, now what?!
I seriously wonder if people can really deal with finding what ever it is they set out to find? I've run into as many males as females that will snoop through their mate's phone if given 1/2 of a chance so that says a TON about the current state of situationships and relationships. People keeping their phones locked/coded and out of the eyesight of the person they're seeing has become serious business.

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