Are You Tired of Missionary? @curlBOX has the answer! #curlboxtvchat

Whether you're doing it with one person, a bunch of people, or just yourself, sex is an act that unites the masses. Yet, there are still a good number of people that shy away from open dialogues on sex.

curlBOX CEO Myleik Teele is my spirit animal because she has introduced a new series called "The Kinky Chronicles" where no topic is too hot to discuss. Yesterday I participated in the #curlboxtvchat and had a ball! My day had been dragging and Ms. Teele and the curlBOX crew revived it within a few clicks.

They'll be hosting another chat today (230p - 3p EST) featuring Kandi Burruss, creator of Bedroom Kandi. It'll be 1130a my time (West Coast struggles lol), but I'm always ready to talk about sex!

Use the hashtag #curlboxtvchat and be sure to follow @curlBOX and @Kandi ... oh, and if you want to tag me in your comment --> @EatPrayFck because of course I want to know what you're thinking!


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