Being Mary Jane: A life of fuckery wrapped in layers of shenanigans #BMJFinale

You know that song "Women love Beyonce?" The only thing that trumps this is the love black women have for Scandal. I tried getting into Scandal, but started mid first season, couldn't keep up (they talk so damn fast lol) and gave up. I know it's an entertaining show, but I don't drink the tea. Thus, on Thursday nights I know that I'm not about that life.

When BET premiered their new series "Being Mary Jane" I was excited to watch from the beginning and join in on the excitement of live tweeting a show with other black women. Oh, how good it feels to be included lol.

Last night BET aired the season finale of Being Mary Jane and I watched, along with others, as home skillet struck out multiple times in the friend dept. I mean, she has "friends" but stays losing. Her friends ratted her out to her ex that she had stole his sperm, faked being drunk and allowed her to roll up on her ex at his house during a dinner party, and even convinced her to confront the wife of her married boyfriend. If you're keeping score that's 0-3.

Yes, Mary Jane's life is a clusterfuck wrapped in a few layers of shenanigans. Honestly, most of us have experienced our fair share of fuckery, but those are the times when your friends intervene and play captain save 'em.

Like, no girl... we aren't about to drink a bunch of tequila and then go to your ex's house during a dinner party. Nah... not a good idea. Or... I know you're all up in your feelings about your ratchet ass life, but we aren't about to drive to confront your boo thang's wife. I don't care if you want to apologize. We're not making that trip. Or even better - - no, I'm not about to butt into your relationship struggles and tell your ex to "back off" ... yet somehow end up telling him you hijacked his sperm. None of these things would happen.

As I watched some of the scenes last night it made for entertaining tv, but was far from realistic. Oh, Mary Jane... get your life together. Did you watch?

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