Reality TV is not Therapy (aka Mama Joyce and Kandi need therapy asap)

It has been said that viewing yourself on TV can be therapeutic. You're able to see yourself from the outside looking in and really identify flaws and areas you'd like to improve. However, when it comes to replacing the need for actual therapy, reality TV is not a viable substitute.

Yesterday a clip of RHOA stars Kandi, Mama Joyce and Todd sitting down for an interview on The View made its rounds. Was this great for ratings? Yes... but I feel like their appearance was disastrous for their actual relationship.

Kandi and Todd seem like relatively grounded, down-to-earth, normal people... especially by "Reality TV" standards. It is not entertaining or enjoyable to watch a family crumble on camera. I wish someone would have the sense to schedule a family therapy session instead of a daytime interview press junket. Pull the plug on Reality TV filming until they can resolve their issues, or at the very least act like adults (Mama Joyce) and not get the children involved.

I know it's common to place blame, and everyone is pointing their fingers at Mama Joyce and her ratchet behavior... but let's not overlook Kandi. I truly believe that Kandi is the key to all of this and her lack of boundaries with her mother has caused a shit storm of bs to fall her way. She can't control her mother's actions and sadly, her mom may be beyond the point of being helped with therapy, but she needs to set boundaries asap. She (Kandi) also needs individual therapy to address her issues with her mother, the lack of respect, and non-existent boundaries. She's not being respected in this situation or respecting herself.


All of this shit is just plain sad, enraging, and silly. Why do families allow themselves to fall apart before they pull the plug on reality tv? Why does it seem like the last resort to allow their families the space, time and privacy to heal in private? Kandi isn't desperate for coins. Who thought it'd be a good idea to take this bullshit on the road? This is all boggling my mind.

What are your thoughts?

 Sidebar: Demetria (Belle in BK) wrote a great post on this. Check it out here.

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