Valentine's Day can kick a big ass pile of rocks

Valentine's Day is next week and while Hallmark has many singles (primarily women) ready to jump off the fucking ledge of life, writers are throwing on their "Captain Save 'Em" capes and flooding timelines with articles aimed at helping women "be okay" with not having met the man of their dreams come 2/14.

Despite being a serial monogamist, I have been single on Valentine's Day and guess what... it's not that big of a deal! You weren't tripping off of being single on 1/14... and you won't be upset about being single on 3/14...So, fight the powers that be, throw up your force field, and don't get hoodwinked into thinking you should give a fuck on 2/14... just because Hallmark says so.

No, this isn't a post about "not needing a man." Companionship is a beautiful thing and I think there's nothing better than having someone you genuinely love experience life with you. I am, however, saying that you don't need to feel the pressure to make a relationship materialize out of thin air for the sole purpose of getting a box of chocolate, grocery store flowers, and a card. The struggle is NEVER that real.

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