Older the Berry, the Sweeter the Juice?

I suppose the day will come, if I'm fortunate enough to be blessed with many more years on the face of this earth - - but the day will come where I'm officially old. Not "oh, I'm about to turn 30" old... but head full of grey, body changes, hot flashes for real old. And in that moment I will probably reflect back on this blog post and be like, dang... father time popped a few mollys. How did it ever come to this!!

What caused this small bout of emo? The pics of Jamie Foxx twerking with that older woman at a recent concert. In reality, at 46yo Jamie Foxx isn't really that old. However, when he starts twerking with a woman who looks like Father Time, then shit gets a little sketchy. And honestly, I don't want to really go in on this woman... but she did look like a starter for the NBA. I mean, she's at least 7'5" and y'all... she just looks like a man.

Anyways, seeing the picture instantly made me throw up a little in my mouth and then cringe at the thought of elderly sex. Well, I guess elderly is a bit harsh, but older sex. Am I being crazy? Does anyone else feel my pain? Please share...

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