Post-Relationship Shit Talking

I was in the midst of writing a post about RHOA cast member Porsha Stewart's divorce finalizing and how she walked away with barely anything (and how awesome that was since she acted like a complete asshole in the media during the divorce process), but then I thought, who even fucking cares! I mean, really.... who cares?

I'm sure Porsha cares. And yes, there are tons of blogs and media sites picking up the story, but in reality Porsha is such a dim light bulb, I mean the chick thought the underground railroad was an actual train! I think we're all better off saving a few of our fucks for a rainy day, or at least something that's better than her fuckery and foolishness.

With that said, let me point out one of my biggest pet peeves with folks post-relationship demise - - the incessant shit talking! My God. Just make it stop.

I'm not referring to the occasional venting or ranting you'll do with a girlfriend, but instead the overly bitter, negative, shit talking folks do with anyone who will listen.

I understand your feelings are hurt, I really do. I'm a cancer and LIVE in my feelings. I mean, I actually reside there 95% of the time, however, you must find a way to crawl out of that hole of despair and not allow yourself to be the person reeking of resentment. The more you run your mouth and spew hateful things, the more folks look at your ex and think they dodged a bullet. And if you're in that really bitter place, just imagine how awesome you're making them look while making yourself look crazy. Food for thought.

Anyways, bringing this full circle for the sake of my OCD, I'm happy that Porsha didn't receive anything in her divorce settlement because she 1) Didn't deserve anything and 2) Talked SO much shit during the separation and divorce proceedings it was pathetic. She literally traveled around on a press junket doing sit down, bitter girl, woe is me interviews with  anyone who would take her.

She brought into question her ex-husbands sexuality, insinuating there was abuse, she was just a total piece of shit during the process and you know what - - folks like that don't deserve shit! Icing on the cake? She was ordered to pay off her own credit card bills! That's awesome.

Now Porsha might be an airhead, but she is a cute girl with a bangin' bod and there are tons of men waiting to sponsor a big butt and a smile. I know she'll be fine in the basic sense of the word... but you have to ask yourself, will anyone who actually believes the underground railroad was a REAL train... will they ever be okay? Hmmm.... I don't think so.

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