Anal Play with your Man... are you down?

So, my life has been about a lot of First World shit lately: Brunch... getting my hair done... being unhappy with said hair style, all of which I blog about on my personal blog Six Twenty Seven. As Luvvie would say, Go Get Chu a Piece :)

Something else that has been on my mind is the idea of anal sex, or anal play. Whatever you want to call it... but not being the receiver, but instead the idea of your guy wanting to explore anal play. Whether you're using your finger, strapping on a dildo, or getting creative... I do know it to be a fact that men can experience an intense orgasm through the "g-spot" in their ass, and likewise, I know that MANY straight men are:

1) Uncomfortable with the idea of having anything near, in, or around their ass
2) The idea that they could actually enjoy it
3) The idea that said enjoyment could make them want to do it again
4) They're enjoying something that is a little too close to the same pleasure a gay man receives

The list goes on and on. So, where do I come into this conversation? During brunch this weekend, as the group was discussing a possibly "down low" guy, I made the statement that all men could climax from anal sex. Of course I had been drinking tons of magnolias (mimosa + grand marnier), but my friends know this is just my regular random conversation.

All of my new boos in Seattle weren't prepared for this lol. It was like a record scratched. Still, it made me think: If you were in a relationship with someone who wanted to explore anal play, would you be open to that? Clearly there are tons of people who are doing this with their significant other (or behind their back with someone else who is down for the cause lol), but I was curious about where folks stood on this.

As a valid sidebar, my girlfriend and I were talking about a mutual friend who has the most train wreck of a girlfriend, and I determined that she must've used a dildo on him because she had to have something pretty big over his head for him to stay with her lol... unless he just likes that type of crazy. Who knows.

So, Anal play with your man.... are you down?


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