Are you doing too much work for the relationship you're in?

As I stood there trying to perfectly saute my green beans, garlic and mushrooms something crossed my mind: Am I doing too much work as a "girlfriend" in my current relationship? I then thought about what I'd do differently if I was a wife. Aside from anal and having kids, I was drawing blanks. I wouldn't cook or clean more, have more sex, be more supportive... I don't know why it hit me like a ton of bricks, but in that moment I felt some type of way. An overwhelming awareness of the fact that I, along with many other women, may find themselves pouring into a person or relationship and wondering "am I doing the most?"

I pride myself on being an authentic person and everything I've done in a relationship has been genuine. I've never been the type to be motivated by some big end goal like marriage or "getting a ring."  At my core is a loving, caring person (aka #Emo4Days). However, after being told quite a few times that I "do a lot" as "just a girlfriend" it made me wonder... like, what should I be doing as a girlfriend? Are there levels to this shit that I've been unaware of all these years? Am I hustling backwards? What's the fucking secret because I feel in the dark.

Anyways, I'm wondering if I'm the only person who has ever looked up and wondered if they're doing "too much" as a girlfriend? Do you have a list of things you would only do as a wife? If you're married, what changed (if anything)?

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