Cohabitation: It's not all about sex

Keeping things all the way transparent, I originally started writing this post in January. For one reason or another it sat in my drafts folder for quite a few months, but after my previous post about the Cohabitation Flowchart, I was inspired to finish writing.

People usually feel one of two ways about living with a significant other: they like it or they avoid it like the plague. I prefer the former... however there's a caveat.

The struggle is VERY real
Have you ever looked over at the person you're living with and given them a major side eye? There are some times I long for the days of living in a studio apartment perfectly sized for 1 (and 2 cats)... having everything in whatever place I put it... knowing that it'd remain in that very same spot until I moved it again. Not having to encounter anyone else's energy... not dealing with anyone else's laundry... just being solo fucking dolo! Table for 1, please...

This isn't my first time living with a significant other, but I'm still learning the art of taming my emo and mood swings, so I don't turn into a complete spazz.

Cohabitation Situation #1: Moved in with my long time college boyfriend because we had gotten to the place where we had to either shit or get off the pot. You know... when there's been so much back and forth bullshit you have to either jump in or just say adios. Well, I was never sold on the idea of "shacking up" but moved in together with my parent's blessing... which meant everything to me. My mom said I would know within a year if things could work out (marriage?). My step-dad said I'd have it figured out in 6 months lol. Suffice it to say we broke up (good and final) and moved out by month 11. I should also note that this was extremely messy and left me with a few issues. After this situation, I vowed to NEVER move anywhere (be in an apartment or across the country) for "just a boyfriend..."

Cohabitation Situation #2: My ex-husband.. Self-explanatory. However, once I went through my divorce all of my previous ideas and "rules" on things were challenged. I felt like I had done it the so-called "right way" and it hadn't worked out, so I threw caution to the wind and said I'd be open to whatever life brought by way. Which leads in perfectly to ...

Cohabitation Situation #3: My current relationship.

As you can probably tell, I have a variety of exeperience living with someone under different circumstances, but I knew there were areas I was unable to address. I felt inspired to reach out to my wonderful friends, in the hopes of cranking out a series of posts showcasing the different POVs of living together: The First Timer, the no-timer hesitant to make the step, someone adamantently against it and the long-term couple who are not planning to marry - - all diverse POVs.

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