"I was a glorified side chick..." (via @kmichelle)

Over the years K. Michelle has gained a reputation for being extremely outspoken, so I was expecting her 1-on-1 interview with Necole Bitchie to be full of great sounds bites.

What I wasn't expecting was how vulnerable, transparent and relatable she was. During the 3 part interview K. Michelle revealed herself to fans. and as someone not extremely familiar with her story, I truly felt like I got to know her as a person.

One of the highlights of the interview was K. Michelle's admittance of being a "glorified side chick" in her last relationship... which she acknowledged having no clue she actually WAS the side chick until things were coming to an end. It reminded me of how often we can judge relationships and side chick situations without knowing the full story.

Yes, there are a ton of women who play the side piece with no qualms about it. However, there are also people who are lied to and strung along... resulting in broken hearts and devastation.

Have you ever been an accidental side chick?

** Fast forward to 1:23 **

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