Karrueche on Iyanla -- an hour of my life I'll never get back

"That's another classic mistake that young women make, women in general make, going into relationships... that we believe that we are strong enough and that it is our responsibility to heal a man's wounds and damages." - Iyanla on #FixMyLife with Karrueche Tran

When I first heard that Karrueche Tran would appear on a special episode of Iyanla (Fix my Life) I was excited to watch. It was almost like a pop culture event where you get to watch a complete shit show in mid production. Social media was on fire re: Chris Brown's ex girlfriend and what, if anything, she'd divulge to Iyanla. When I found out that it aired at 8p on a Saturday night I cared just a tad bit less. I didn't have OWN and I had to watch at a friend's house... and well, who wants to really give a slice of their Saturday night to Karrueche Tran? lol...

Fast forward to Saturday night and I sat ready and waiting... for what? I'm not exactly sure... but I sat at my girlfriend's house equipped with snacks and a beverage ready to get my life. Well, that didn't end up happening. The hour episode was pretty blah. Kinda like drinking flat soda. #KanyeShrug.

In hindsight I don't know what I was actually expecting to see. This woman has had no backbone during the course of her 4 year relationship with Chris Brown and I highly doubt she would've magically grown one during an hour special. I think Iyanla was very easy on her, Karrueche was visibly NOT in a place of real healing, her "manager" is more of a blocker in her life trying to swoop in and "end" the interview early, Iyanla is the queen of grown woman shade when she called him out at the end... and what else? Well, I could've easily done something else with my Saturday night lol.

Iyanla did drop a few pearls of wisdom, one of which I featured above... but most people can relate to being in a crummy relationship, struggling to walk away, healing on your own time... just having your own shit go on. We can't, however, understand what it's like to walk through that journey with the entire world watching and critiquing your every move. So, yeah... I watched. It was pretty blah. It's an hour of my life I'll never get back.

Did you watch?

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