Did I just get ghosted?

Holy fucking shit. I think I just got ghosted. Let me explain.

Dude... let's call him "D" and I went out on 1 date. We've been texting back and forth... but fast forward to today and I tried sending him a funny picture (MMS) and got an error message. I tried resending it a few times, and then got an "official" error message from sprint. Of course I googled it. It's 2016. I google everything. The error message basically could mean 1 of 3 things:
1) His phone is temporarily disconnected (unlikely)
2) He doesn't have a signal/his phone is dead (likely),
3) He blocked my number!!!!

Holy fuck balls. I'm a cancer and neurotic, so of course I ignore #s 1 and 2 and instantly think, did this dude just block me? *jaw drops... pearls are being clutched... jaw is still ajar*

You guys... I'm seriously googling how to fix my fucking phone! What in THEE entire fuck? I'm GOOGLING... WHAT ... MAY... BE WRONG... WITH MY...PHONE!!! And this is all stemming from a guy, who I've only gone on 1 date with... and had some decent texting with... giving me an error message.


Let's take a moment to think about that, and I actually mean ME! I need to take a moment to process this... which I did lol. I ended up googling a Bustle.com article about ghosting on someone and honestly, it makes me feel kinda stupid, but I related to all 7 of the ghosting "warning signs" lol. Yep. Not a good sign.

I went ahead and deleted the entire text msg thread because my ego and aura are not capable of seeing that in my recent chat history. Also, I may need to delete his number... but I'll wait until the end of the week because even if I don't hear from him, it'll make me feel like less of a neurotic, psycho, spazz... and honestly, I've been to enough therapy to know that waiting to delete the number doesn't actually negate any of my weird issues.

With that said, I HAVE been in therapy for 1.5 years... mainly it was doing work on myself as it pertained to my previous 4 yr relationship... but I do know that this person is probably wrong for me. They're busy, lacking consistent signs of interest (even though he has a legit busy schedule, we all make time for the things/people we're interested in), also... I've ghosted on people before. I think I was just shocked at the idea that it could *deep sigh... and lowers voice to a whisper* happen to me!

Maybe mercury is just retrograde. Maybe I'm just making excuses for a guy I was low key excited to hunt lol. I'm like this lioness who got excited at the potential of a thrilling hunt. I also know that's a habit I need to work on, so yeah lol. Look at God! Presenting me with a delectable option then slapping my hand when I take the bate.

With that said, I'm taking this L. Maybe it's premature. Maybe it's not. Who knows... I may chuckle if he texts me back. I'll be super embarrassed if every text I tried to send and got an error on ACTUALLY went through... but yeah, chalking this up to mercury retrograde, not being a good fit, God intervening on my life... what else can I put this on? lol... Y'all say a prayer for me and my lack of chill. I'm a work in progress.


Catherine said...

I don't think he ghosted you, but the fact that you think he has the potential to:-(

Julie said...

We really are cancer soul mates. I texted someone this weekend who read the message (damn iphone read receipts!) and didn't respond and I also rage (slash buzzed) deleted the whole string- as "my ego and aura" are not also not capable of seeing that in my recent chat history. You're my hero.

Also for what it's worth- he responded a day later and asked me out again so who knows what the fuck bro is doing.

CPenny said...

YES!! I can soo relate to the, "I think I was just shocked at the idea that it could *deep sigh... and lowers voice to a whisper* happen to me!" Lol!! Like, this happens to other people and I DO IT to other people, but it doesn't happen to me, lol.

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