I've been journaling a lot during my healing and wanted to remind everyone (and myself) to know what's about you and what's not. Don't hold onto things that are not yours... people, emotions, #KanyeWestPetty level bullshit. Let all of that fuck shit go...with a quickness. I know that I'm being led to a greater love through this process... strengthening my understanding of what healthy love is. The key is starting with a healthy me. I've done a shit job taking care of myself. It's embarrassing to admit, but acknowledging it is the first step. I'm on a journey to not only love myself again, but truly fall in love with the woman I am working to become and treasure myself. Be my own prize... radiate so much fucking dopeness that it inspires other people to step out on faith, step out for themselves! If you aren't willing to take the leap for your own growth and healing, nobody will.

You're not worthwhile because someone deemed you so. You've always mattered. The stars existed in the sky long before we saw them... and they'll continue to shine after we've come and gone. There was a "you" before that person entered your life... and there will be a million more amazing chapters after theirs has ended. We are with ourselves for our entire lives... YOU loving YOU is good enough. Hold that feeling tight. Don't let it go.

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