The Younger Guy

I've casually known this guy (let's call him "sleeper cell") for maybe a year. We haven't interacted much, so it's really like the true definition of an acquaintance. Anyways, I literally woke up one day recently and realized I may like this guy.  Yes, I actually woke up one day after knowing about someone's existence for over 365 days and they were suddenly on my radar. The fuck? How'd this happen lol... how does this type of stuff ever happen? No clue, but I'm here with a mild crush.

So, I hit up sleeper cell (we already had one another's numbers) and asked him if he was seeing anyone. I mean, it came out a bit smoother than that lol... but I won't lie, it was very direct. After thanking me for my forwardness, he told me he wasn't seeing anyone seriously, and was down to hang out! I was actually surprised and admittedly excited. I don't know... maybe it's just the idea of meeting someone in real life and not doing the online struggle. It's all good vibes.

He's cute, has a dope ass dog, nice smile, photogenic (my friends know how much this speaks to my soul)... oh, and he's younger than me!!!! *hides face behind hands like that 'see no evil' monkey emoji*

I feel like a cougar.

For the sake of transparency, he's only a year younger than me... actually, I'm downplaying how OCD I am about age. I went to some age calculator and he's technically 259 days younger than me lol. I've never dated anyone younger than me. Wait, I just lied... the first (and last) time I dated someone younger than me was in Jr. High. However, as an adult, I've always aimed higher, literally. So it's kinda new for me to like someone younger... though we're both in our 30s and I'm sure this shit does NOT matter at this point lol... but whatever, I'm a cougar. Do I get a badge or something?

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Bribroo said...

LOL the "online struggle" is so real!! Good for you guys for skipping the whole awkward texting back and forth and just jumping into real life interaction to see if there could be something there.
I'm dying that you're calling yourself a cougar for seeing someone who is only one year younger than you but at the same time I totally get it! I'm actually so ocd about age that even if someone is older than me, I prefer if their birthday is before mine on a calendar year.. *don't judge my weirdness*
Lol get it girl!

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