My ex reads my blog

So, why haven't I written a blog post since February 2016? My ex sent me a random text message a few months ago and told me he'd been reading my blog (yes both of them) and thanked  me for not trashing him. Initially when I read this message I was shocked. He was reading my blog? This one? The one whose name he absolutely LOATHED and caused an argument between us? We hadn't been speaking to one another, so the message came out of the blue. Shit... what was he going to think? Why was he reading it? Why'd he bother telling me? I was all over the place. When I saw my therapist she gave me some advice on what she thought it all meant, but I was still feeling scared off from writing. In my mind, once my ex had a front row seat to my life post-him, it'd change everything even more. Fast forward to 2 months later and I've finally sorted out my emotions, processed our break-up even further, and decided I feel comfortable writing about my life again.

Yes, I'm still dating and have been since I stopped writing. The stories I've told my friends in real-time have been hilarious... and I hope to catch the blog up on all the shenanigans.

Like I said when I originally started this blog, break-ups are a process and healing doesn't happen overnight. Every day I get better than I was the day before... now I'm finding myself 5 months post break-up with someone I was with for 4 years! It's amazing to see the progress I've made... every day gets easier... just wake up, pray, set your intention for the day and ferociously protect your vibes!! I promise you'll it'll get better.

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Brittny said...

SO happy and excited that you're back! It always happens like that doesn't it? That ex comes creeping back from the shadows and you don't even know what to do or feel... Anyway can't wait to hear your stories!

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