When your ex starts blogging about you...

I promise this blog isn't going to turn into a blog about my ex... but my ex just told me that he started blogging again. *insert deep, emotional sigh* Now we're definitely using the term "blogging" loosely. Up until now, his blog only included 1 post, but it was well-written and showcased his creative side. That was years ago, but I kept encouraging him to tap back into his creative outlet and write, draw, etc... just allow himself to be raw with his talents.

So, he sends me a messages this morning saying that he's started writing again, will be writing about stuff that may include me... and wanted to give me a heads up (out of respect) to make sure I knew. My initial reaction was taking a deep breath when I got the alert that he sent me a message. We have been attempting to be friends, but got into a spat a few days ago. It's kinda this strange space to be arguing with your ex... like, why the fuck are we arguing? Why can't we just have clear communication? The easy answer is to just not speak to one another, but that's easier said than done and we both agreed that we wanted to try at a friendship. So anyways, I let out a deep breath and opened up the message... it started by him saying he was "waving a white flag" (we're both dramatic) and then he went on to share with me how he was feeling, etc.

He sent me the blog link and asked if I'd take a look. I read the first post and was rolling my eyes by the end of it. He was discussing something that happened while we were together. It wasn't about me or bad... but it was the type of stuff you don't bother mentioning to someone that you're dating, but if they find out it'll annoy them. So yeah, eyes were rolled.

I told him I was excited he was allowing himself to tap into his creative side, something he often neglected while we were together, but reminded him that I was still in the process of healing from our relationship and wasn't thrilled to read about stuff that overlapped our time together. I appreciated him sharing his thoughts with me, but I also know I'm an emotional cancer so I can't read everything in such a raw way and be light-hearted about it... not when everything has a deeper connection to my life and past.

Anyways, being authentic about the process of healing, this is where my ex and I are right now... writing about one another, trying to have a friendship, and co-parent our dog. This is my life.

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